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I hope you have enjoyed looking through my squirrel pictures. If you would like to ask questions regarding my Squirrel Project or if you would like tips on how to photograph them best, please post them on my Google+ here and I will always answer them.

CLICK HERE for to return to my article about the project >

CLICK HERE for Squirrel Gallery I - Taken between Feb 2011 - March 2012 >

I have lots more photographs on my Flickr here and this squirrel set will be added to as and when I get new pictures.

Here are couple of Movie Clip I did. I'm not great at video, but you may like to view them:

One of my intentions this year is to try and get better video clips if I can remember as I'm usually taking photographs, but I really want to capture the white squirrel on video so it's my next mission.


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